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About Us

We draw from the charism of  the Catholic Worker Movement,

 an international model which integrates proactive peacemaking, direct service to the poor, and spirituality.

Catholic Worker houses are places of communal living striving towards creative nonviolence, hospitality and care for the poor among us,

and harmonious living with all Creation.

While many of us have practices of faith, we join with people of all faiths and no faith to build a more just and joyous world. 

Why Bread and Roses?

Our name comes from a slogan and poem inspired during a 1912 female-led textile strike which unified

immigrant workers in Massachusetts.

Amidst demands for the physical needs - bread, safe housing, clean water, healthcare- we fight for the rights to rest, joy, and life,

rather than mere existence.

The poor have a right to bread, and the poor have a right to beauty.

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